Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Tail of 2 Cookies!

My brother brought his girlfriend's Jack Russell terrier mix over Saturday night. I guess cause they're moving in together, he wanted her to get used to the Mongrel Horde, since they'll be just up the street.

None of my dogs like her. Robbie hates her because she flirts with him, and he is out of the gene pool, and happy about it, plus she teases him (family reunion, she got him to run the whole way out his tie-out and he fell over and it hurt his pride) and tries to sit in my lap, and Robbie feels I am HIS mother, and she needs to stay out of my lap.

My brother's dog hates her because my brother is always bringing her in and he is Nikki's daddy. She can't understand why he leaves her and goes to play with the little one. Plus, she's busy and Nik's border collie brain is all about order, so it drives her crazy.

Chancey really doesn't seem to dislike her, but advises that, because her brother hates her, she has to stick with family.

Anyway, yesterday, Delilah (the JRT) was bouncing around, and Robbie was moping so I gave them each a cookie. I figured she would calm down, and he loves to eat and cookies make him feel better. He settles down to eat his cookie, because he knows, in this house, an uneaten cookie isn't left alone long, while she proceeds to bury her cookie under the couch cushions. It took that dog 10 minutes to get her cookie hidden, and I guess she realized someone was going to find it, because she got it out, then stood there, trying to figure out what to do.

And then Chancey started to bark. I don't know if it was at the mailman, the neighbors, a ghost or what, but she started to bark. When one member of the Mongrel Horde begins to bark, all members must start barking. Until the offender, earthly, ethereal, demented delusion, goes away or I start yelling. Delilah goes over by Chancey and starts to bark. You can't bark with a cookie in your mouth so she dropped it. And Chancey pounced.

She picked up the cookie and took it to the other side of the room. I guess she figured she would eat that cookie at a more convenient time (I don't give her cookies, because she has an underbite, so you never know if she can chew a hard cookie, but she was trying on this one.) And then that silly dog runs back over to where she was.

As I turn around and start the, "Goliedown. Quitthat. Whatiswrongwithyouthisisn'tevenyourhousedelilahwhyareyoubarking," tirade (because 3 small dogs barking in your ear is TORTURE), I see my brother's dog get off her chair, go to where Chance has deposited the cookie and eat it. Robbie managed to eat his cookie before the nonsense started, so he was good, but his sister and step-cousin, not so lucky.

It was the most hysterically funny group exercise I've ever seen them accomplish.

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