Thursday, October 18, 2007

And we have PLAY

This morning, the Schipperkes played together. Woo hoo! It's been two months since Robbie's come and they will normally just co-exist. Their chief goal has been to be close to me and usually that means, Chancey loses out. Except in bed because she won't put up with him getting all the attention. That is HER bed. She is queen of the Schipperkes. But I noticed that they actually slept touching each other on Sunday night, which I was pleased about. Chancey has seemed a little down since Robbie came and I was getting worried, but ever since she went bye-byes to Pennsylvania with Mom and I, she's much happier, I guess because she realized I still love her, she didn't get shoved aside for new guy, and that she would still get special treats. That said, she still isn't buddies with him.

So imagine my surprise when they played together today. Nothing major. I guess Robbie had energy from the first sprint outside, and he wanted to run with her. She looked at him for a few moments with her special, "What the Hell is wrong with you, freak" look. Then I guess she figured out what he wanted and they actually played a game we call, "Run Dog Run"--it's pretty self-explanatory, they just run with a crazed look in their eyes--for a couple minutes. It was refreshing, at least til Luke's dog, seeing two small black forms running through the livingroom, decided that it was just too much for her border collie brain--"Must herd, must keep order" to handle. Or else she wanted to play with them. Either way, Robin didn't want her there. So he growled and it was over.

But it's a start. Play is a start.

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