Monday, August 6, 2007

A Brand New Blog for my animals

OK, I have been having so much fun with my cross stitch blog, I decided that it's time to give my pets their own blog. I know, crazy, right?

Let me just explain. A few months ago, a boy I dated in high school read my profile on and thought it was rather intense that I lived with 4 cats and two dogs. I've been thinking about that since then. It seems odd to me that people see living with them as intense, it's just natural to me. I've never not had them, and they are such a joy.

I intend this to be the story of my furbabies: Lilybet, the queen of the house, the oldest, who was my first adult kitten experience; Gus, her orange tabby brother, named after a character in Cats; Felix Anne, our tiny guy, who is my survivor kitty; and the dogs, Wyndsong's Chanson de Nuit, or Chancey, my lovely Schipperke, and Nikki, my brother's border collie/rottweiler mix, our pound puppy. We lost our Grampy a month ago, but are trying to add Chancey's brother, Robin, to the brood.

I hope that, by telling their stories, you will see how beautifully meshed their personalities are. And that the heart is not limited in its capability to love.

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Mindi said...

Looking forward to the stories, there should be some amusing ones!