Friday, August 31, 2007

The Rumble

It's been a while since I posted on this. I've had a lot going on, most spectacularly the arrival of Robbie. He's so adorable. He seems to be fitting in, maybe not like peas and carrots, but, I mean, realistically, it's family. You don't get a long with your family that well all the time.

His biggest issue is that he growls at everyone. So far, no one's been bitten, well, he put his mouth on Nikki, but he didn't close it, so it's technically not a bite. He does leave Chancey alone. I guess he figures she's his sister, these others are adopted siblings--she "darkened the same hole," to use one of my mom's terms.

Until yesterday. I was sitting in my stitching chair--the computer chair as well--and Chance came strolling up to me. Of course, I'm her Mummy. Well, Master Robin didn't like it. He jumped at her. I, of course, yell, "Stop that!" And he whips around with his, But I was protecting YOU, Mummy. Chance handled it well, she looked at him with this, "Excuse me, what in the H&ll do you think you're doing?" look. And rolled her eyes. Because, you see, Robin had committed the cardinal sin of this house. When my animals want to insult each other, we say they tell each other, "I will bite you in yous face." It's the ultimate slam and one they don't take lightly. And he jumped right at her face. So I knew it was gonna be bad.

She didn't do anything else, so I figured it was percolating in her.

Fast forward to last night. I come home, after my floss expedition, to Robin's, "I so glad you home," booty shaking, grinning, jumping welcome. Chance just hangs back. So I give her her pat--and I do worry that she isn't getting enough attention, so I make sure I make over her. And I go to walk out of the room. I see her, in the corner of my eye, jump on the sofa, right in front of her brother, sprawl across it and start barking at him. I can only imagine the conversation went like:

"About this morning, you do not jump in mys face. I have been here longer, I weigh more than you, this is my house, this is my sofa, these is mys cats. I let you bark at strangers, I let you bark at mys Unca Luke (my brother), I even let you growl at mys best friend in the whole world, Nikki. I is not gonna let you take over and keep me from my Mummy, and then jump in mys face like you owns her. I put my time in with her, Mister. I will see her when Is want to, and you can nots say a damn thing. So NO MORE JUMPING> Does I makes myself clear. " It was hysterical, because Chancey is just not the vocally demonstrative one.

And he's been better today. Little growling, but she looked at him, and it stopped.

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Mindi said...

Love the story. I swear dogs have conversations like that all the time.