Friday, August 10, 2007

Rent a Pet--I Can Pay My Income Tax Bill!

There was something on TV about people renting pets. I think that is such a silly idea, why would you rent someone else's pet? Why would you pay money to walk a dog, play with a dog, listen to the cats yowl and watch them wrassle? Unless you were using it to meet members of the opposite sex. I will admit, I will use Nikki to try to attract men, because Nikki is a kick-ass looking dog. Chancey is too small and poofy, and most men do not like cats. But I don't think this is the whole point of this pet rental. I think it's just to rent pets, like a pet livery stable. And while this would be a good idea to potentially get animals out of the pound, I keep thinking about how you wouldn't be able to control who was getting your pet, and what they were doing. And what if they didn't return them. It's not like a car, you can't keep the deposit and get another one.

But then again, if I rented them out, that would probably help pay my income tax bill.

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